BlackBird Models

model_photo.jpg Our Vision

Blackbird’s vision is simple:

We are committed to making the finest mahogany runabouts in the world.

We were born into the Muskoka tradition of fine boat building and we proudly assume the passion and responsibility of that succession.

The Passion
Baysville ---  a small village sitting at the southwest corner of Lake of Bays where the water has always been more important than the roads.  A hundred years ago Baysville was a lumber town and today it is a summer supply centre for hundreds of cottagers on Lake of Bays.

It is also home to Blackbird Boatworks Limited.

Muskoka, the region where Baysville sits, is home to Canada’s finest summer cottages many owned and occupied every summer by generations of the same family. It also has the largest concentration of antique and classic wooden boats in North America.

Today it is the premier place in Canada to build new wooden boats --- it still has the pride of the old boat builders and the skills needed to be their 21st century successors.

Blackbird Boatworks Limited is proud to be in Muskoka and carry on this fine tradition.

Steve designed the BlackBird 22 to be spacious and comfortable ... The Workshop
Situated in one of the original buildings comprising the former boathouse compound of the Peck family in Baysville (now Baysville Marina) is the Blackbird workshop.

When you step into the shop you will notice a partially finished boat and mahogany all around you.  The smell is vintage boat-shop. The floor and the saw tables are covered with mahogany shavings; the walls and work benches are set with a wide assortment of woodworking tools and nearby will be a new, crated engine awaiting installation.

Construction of a Blackbird Boat is imperceptibly slow --- this is craftsmanship not an assembly line.  The watchword is passion and it shows in the construction of every detail.

The shape of the boat is visible in the frames and you can easily imagine the gracious lines that will be the result.  You can see a workman constructing a roll-up door for a small cabinet behind the seats or a large hatch for the engine compartment.

You can witness the choosing of the mahogany for the deck of a Gentleman’s Racer or the fitting of the cutwater to the front of a Classic.

You can choose the colour of hull, the colour of the upholstery, the size of the engine and the cockpit layout.  The chances are that you can also take a spin on Lake of Bays in one or the Blackbird demonstrators.

Your visit will give you an appreciation of the passion that goes into making a new Blackbird be it the Classic, the Sport boat, the Gentleman’s Race or the Storm.

The Blackbird Experience Mahogany Any boat can get you there but a Blackbird gets you there with exhilaration, relaxation and comfort.  You are surrounded by beautifully crafted wood and chrome that is always demonstrative of the skill to forge it and a pleasure to touch it.  The whole boat is a tactile experience.

Craftsmanship in wood may define our boats but the 400 plus horses give them life. From the low growl of the exhaust to the purr of the engine the Blackbird gets up on plane quickly and maintains a ride that is safe and sturdy, breathtaking and dry.

Our passion shows in every detail and to prove it, every boat bears the names of those who helped to create it.

Designer's comments:

The BlackBird 22 was designed to be a very useful boat, not just something to look at. You will be very reluctant to hide it away. I commend BlackBird on their investment in the tooling, machinery and, most of all, the craftsmanship to produce a fine quality, low maintenance boat at an affordable price.

Steve Killing, Designer