BlackBird Models

The BlackBird Storm

Overview & Specifications

The Blackbird Storm is 27 feet of mahogany with the choice of one or two engines ranging from 500 hp to over 800 hp. The interior is beautiful hand stitched and fitted leather with arm rests and extras like climate-controlled seats, bow and stern thrusters and uniquely designed hardware. This boat is designed for inshore ocean fun. $350,000 +.

All models can be fitted with:
  • fine leather upholstery,
  • bow and stern maneuvering thrusters,
  • climate-controlled seats,
  • GPS navigation systems,
  • floor heating
  • ship to shore radio communications,
  • inlaid mahogany floors,
  • chromed engine parts,
  • side exhausts,
  • maneuverable spot lights,
  • sirens,
  • ski tows,
  • stern names & painted bow license numbers
  • customized rope bumpers,
  • cotton ropes,
  • powerful and dependable marine engines of the buyer’s choice

Customize your BlackBird with boat, bottom and waterline colours.

Bottom Colour:
* Denotes default option.