BlackBird Models

The Gentleman's racer

Overview & Specifications

The Gentleman’s Racer is the sexiest and most impracticable boat on the water. The boat has a 16 foot front deck and seats three; two in the driver’s cockpit and one other in a cockpit in the front deck which is covered when not in use.  There is a new style windshield with front-deck air-scoops and / or hatches. The customer has engine models not available on any other Blackbird. With the engine, this boat sells for $200,000 - $225,000.

All models can be fitted with:
  • fine leather upholstery,
  • bow and stern maneuvering thrusters,
  • climate-controlled seats,
  • GPS navigation systems,
  • floor heating
  • ship to shore radio communications,
  • inlaid mahogany floors,
  • chromed engine parts,
  • side exhausts,
  • maneuverable spot lights,
  • sirens,
  • ski tows,
  • stern names & painted bow license numbers
  • customized rope bumpers,
  • cotton ropes,
  • powerful and dependable marine engines of the buyer’s choice

Customize your BlackBird with boat, bottom and waterline colours.

Boat Colour:
Bottom Colour:
Waterline Colour:
* Denotes default option.